Dr. Pia Carolla of Rome, Italy, a visiting Classics scholar specializing in Greek, drew our attention to the fact that ISU Library Special Collections does indeed hold some parchment manuscript fragments.  They are adhered as board covering material to the Greek volume Commentarii in libros sex Pedacii Dioscoridis Anazarbei, De medica materia (1554) by Petri Andreae Matthioli.  Both fragments are in Latin, and the fragment covering the back board appears to be liturgical music.  The text is difficult to read, because the parchment was probably scraped, and was then dyed black after being adhered to the boards.  ISU Digitial Initiatives made a high-res, negative scan of the board coverings to try to boost legibility.

As you can see in the photograph at top, the volume was previously repaired.  The spine has been replaced with gold-stamped, black, goatskin leather.  The corners have also been re-covered with black goatskin, which was inserted beneath the parchment board covering.  I find the repair a bit ostentatious, but I tend toward the more conservative, minimalist approach when treating Special Collections materials.  The goatskin isn’t anachronistic per se; it just isn’t sympathetic to this particular binding.