Here’s another entry for the Preservation Hall of Shame.  While this may not be as dramatic as the damage caused by using a banana for a bookmark (found at Duke University Libraries), it’s still damage.  Marking up library books with doodles, marginalia, and underlining, as seen here, is disfiguring to the text, making it more difficult for the next user to read.  In the case of this volume, there are so many markings on every page that we are sending the book to the bibliographer to assess whether it is worth replacing the item.

This type of disfigurement is rarely flagged at circulation, which is understandable, since it is hidden within the textblock.  However, as the markings accumulate, they can result in the necessity of discarding an otherwise intact volume.  A little care and consideration for the library resources we share would ensure access to these materials for many years to come, and free up funding spent replacing items like this one so the library can increase its offerings and services instead.