The New Crew

With student employees making up nearly half of our staff, we experience a fair amount of turnover in the lab.  This Fall, we have three new student assistants: Ashley, Ben, and Hope.  They all started soon after the summer flood, and have been helping with flood recovery (washing Mylar architectural drawings) as well as learning basic book repair.

Ashley is a freshman Anthropology major hoping to concentrate in Archaeology.  She gravitated toward a student position at ISU Library after working as a clerk aide/page at the public library in her home town of Davenport, IA, for two years during high school.  Ashley appears very comfortable working with her hands, no doubt thanks to her many hobbies, which include crocheting, sewing, crafting, and gardening.

After a career of many years in electronics, Ben has returned to school to pursue an engineering degree at ISU.  He is currently a sophomore, and enjoys reading and working with computers in addition to his substantial background installing and repairing electronic systems.  He has quickly become our go-to source when we have questions about anything that runs on electricity!

Hope is a junior majoring in Anthropology, and she learned about the Conservation Lab’s student positions while on a tour of the lab with her Museum Studies class last spring.  She interns at University Museums, where she assists with collections management.  We appreciate her developing perspective as a dual employee in both a museum and library environment.

We’re delighted to have Ashley, Ben, and Hope as a part of our Fall 2010 staff.  Their positive attitudes contribute to a lively and collegial lab atmosphere, and their diligent work has already helped the lab off to a good start this semester.

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