Melissa is not in today.  Since we can’t ask her about this, we thought we would ask our readers for their opinions.

No, it is not a box of Tide detergent.

It is the “Tidebox Tidebook” which comes packaged in a Tide box.  There is nothing on the box that gives any information about the book inside, but there is plenty of information about Tide.  I bet you didn’t know that it is mild enough on your hands that you can use it to wash dishes.

The box has already been damaged by staff pulling the book out of the box.  If we want to keep the book with the box, as the author intended, we’ll need to find a way to protect the outer box.

My first thought was a phasebox.  It would protect the Tide box and alert the user that care needs to be taken.  Unfortunately, I think we can expect the book to expand or distort with use.  It is possible that it will become too large to fit in the original box, and it will certainly make it much harder for a reader to slide it back in the box without damaging it further.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Please sumit it in the Comments.  I promise to show you what our final decision is.