With the holidays fast approaching, many of us are contemplating the choice of recipes for our holiday gatherings.  The titles of these recipe booklets, which recently came through Conservation, elicited some amusement from our staff.  Considering the popularity of the TV Food Network, food blogs, and websites like Epicurious, we’ve come a long way from the basic subject matter of these cookbooks from the 1920s-1950s!  Enjoy this nostalgic peek back at some historic American product cookbooks.

These cookbooks must have met with the approval of the National Dairy Council (founded 1915):



If there are “dessert problems” that can’t be solved with ice cream, I don’t want to know about them:


These are just two examples of our many cookbooks about cottage cheese from the 1950s, which leads me to wonder what prompted cottage cheese’s new-found popularity during that decade?


This bread cookbook uses the “Occident Photo-Method,” which means that each step of the recipe is illustrated with a small, black-and-white photograph — a major cookbook innovation in 1952!


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