We all agree with Melissa, who is thankful for the cheerful, hardworking staff, students, and interns who not only keep the lab running smoothly, but also make this a wonderful place to come to work every morning.  This is high praise these days, because Melissa is not a fan of the cold winter mornings here in Iowa.

Mindy Moeller, being the ever practical one, said she was grateful for scanners and the internet.  Why?  Because students are no longer cutting pictures and photos out of Design books.  I’m just happy to be able to work with someone as efficient and experienced as Mindy.

The library scanners, enjoying a well-deserved break during Thanksgiving week.

Mindy McCoy said she was thankful for sticky traps and specimen jars so she doesn’t have to touch the bugs when dealing with pest management.  I think I speak for the rest of the lab when I say that it is great to have Mindy back from maternity leave, because she is the kind of person who will, in fact, touch the bugs and other nasties when she has to and then make us laugh about it all later.

Roachie the Cockroach, who did not get a break.

Hilary, with her eye on the big picture, is thankful that we have such a wonderful lab and that our budget was not decimated during the recent university cutbacks.  We all agree that our lab is spectacular and thank all the donors and staff that continue to make it happen.

ISU Library Conservation Lab


The students are not here this week, but I think we can assume they are happy to have an entire week off from classes.  I am thankful that they have pitched in to help me with the heat-set repairs on the Vet/Med plans with their usual good cheer and, knock wood, not a burned finger yet.

I am thankful that we finished washing and pressing the last of the Vet/Med plans this week.  Yes, it is a wonderful sink, but after washing 466 plans, I think it might be time for a bit of a break.

Our wonderful sink, enjoying a bit of a break

For our readers celebrating the holiday, travel safe and leave room for pie.