Printed bookmarks backed with marbled paper and encapsulated in Mylar/Melinex.

Each semester, a few ISU classes tour the Conservation Lab as part of their curriculum.  These classes are usually marginally related to Preservation in some way, and have included “honors seminars” on special collections, book design courses, and museum studies/textile courses.  One of the hands-on activities we often guide the students through is encapsulating a bookmark in Mylar using the Polyweld machine.  (Our UK-trained intern will insist on calling Mylar “Melinex,” as Mylar-D has since been renamed by the manufacturer.  She is absolutely accurate, but old habits die hard.)  The students then keep the bookmarks as a souvenir of their visit to the lab.  We secretly hope they will use them instead of dog-earing their library books!

Do you perform any hands-on activities to engage students or other guests when they visit your lab?  If so, please share in the Comments section.