This week I was taken back about 10 years (wow, I can’t believe it has been that long!) as my coworkers and I were invited to sit in on a graphic design critique. In mid November the Conservation Lab was privileged to host a tour for one of Paula Curran’s graphic design classes studying the philosophy, concepts and structures of book design. Now the middle of December we were invited over to the College of Design to see the fruits of their labor. We were thoroughly impressed with the work that went into many of these books. It was evident that these students thought about not just the layout of what was printed on the paper but also the design of the structure and how that played an important role as to how the book was read – the structure became an essential design element.  We really enjoyed having this class come tour our lab and discuss with them various book structures and enjoyed even more seeing their own book designs. We look forward to the possibility of doing this again as we love to see the creative juices flowing in the students of Iowa State.

accordian style book by Amber Haak

Hilary checking out the book structure

Pop up book by Sarah Hamilton

House of cards structure
carousel book