While the icicles are getting longer outside they are forming inside the Conservation Lab on our books as well! No worries though, these icicles are meant to be on our books. We had a learning day in the lab recently and decided to try our hands at one of the many fun sewn bindings by Keith Smith. If you are familiar with Keith Smith’s work you will know that he has some pretty elaborate and intense sewn bindings. We chose one of the simpler bindings that includes a stitch whose name just so happens to fit perfectly this time of year, the icicle stitch.


Because we aren’t working on these types of bindings everyday, figuring out Keith Smith’s instructions and how to get the signatures sewn together properly can sometimes be a challenge. The fact that we were sewing on cords without sewing frames added even more of a challenge. We spoke our minds freely while sewing this structure, which turned out to be quite entertaining at certain points.

Here are some quotes from our session:

Melissa to Mindy Mo. (in a matter-of-fact tone): Oh it’s much more complicated than that, Mindy!

Martha: Arg!

Melissa: I think I am just going to ignore the directions from now on.

Melissa: Keith Smith makes me cranky.

Melissa: No, no, no – that was my best icicle yet and there wasn’t even supposed to be one there!

Hilary & Martha (in response): Rogue icicles!

Martha: Each icicle is a little different – it’s like nature.

finished book