With the new year come thoughts of resolutions, and it just happens that the work on my bench has ways to help.  I am working on some issues of the Parks Floral Magazine from 1899, which I am sure was an informative guide for the flower growing enthusiast; however, what has caught my eye are the wonderful advertisements.

Here are just a few that might help you fulfill your New Year’s resolutions.

For those trying to lose weight, it seems there have always been free samples and herbal remedies.

Is time at the bench ruining your posture?  Here is help for our female readers.  Sorry, I have no help for the guys.

In case you suffer from corns, there is Corn Ease.  Curing corns is perhaps not the most popular New Year’s resolution, but as a transplant to Iowa, I couldn’t pass up the corn theme.

And for those of you wanting to earn more money, there were many, many offers.  Personally, I like the simple advice from Professor Gray:  just don’t be hard up.

If saving money is one of your goals, buy this steamer and they’ll throw in a premium.  How much did these things cost if they were offering bicycles and watches as a premium?

Finally, does anyone want to try their hand on the following puzzle?  Click on the image to read the rules.  Unfortunately, we do not have $100 of gold to offer, but as the ad says, “we do not want any money from you and a contest like this is very interesting.”


Wishing you the best in the year to come.