Here Comes the Flood

When working on the volume Iowa’s Lost Summer: the Flood of 1993, one of our student employees came across a photo that looked remarkably similar to a scene on campus last August.  Here is the photo that caught her attention:

Iowa State Center during the 1993 flood. Photos by Des Moines Register staff, from the book Iowa's Lost Summer, edited and designed by Michael Wegner, Lyle Boone, and Tim Cochran

And, for comparison, here is an image taken in August, 2010, also by the Des Moines Register staff (click the photo to link to the original website).

Photo by Des Moines Register staff

While the second photo is from a different angle (from the east, rather than from the south), and the water coverage is not quite as extensive, the similarity of the two images makes a grim point about history repeating.

In the spirit of preparedness, we encourage you to review our Spring Thaw Tips, and NEDCC’s free preservation leaflets on Emergency Management.

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