Edible Book Festival 2011

Over 300 people attended the first Edible Book Festival at ISU Library on Friday, April 1.  Attendees voted for their favorites among the 24 entries, and snacked on free cookies donated by Hy-Vee and mini cupcakes donated by the Cupcake Emporium.  ISU Catering Pastry Chef Ed Astarita donated his entry, a large cake, to be eaten by the crowd after the event.  (It was delicious!)

Cookies and cupcakes donated by Hy-Vee and the Cupcake Emporium

Preservation staff, members of the LSA Council, and other Library volunteers were on hand throughout the event, answering questions, handing out ballots, tallying votes, and making sure the event ran smoothly.

Nine lucky attendees won door prizes, including CDs and a book donated by Borders bookstore and gift certificates donated by McDonalds, Fareway, and Dutch Oven Bakery.

Prizes donated by local businesses

The winners of the public vote and the Critics’ Choice Award won prizes that included gift certificates from Chocolaterie Stam, Hickory Park, Cafe Diem, Dutch Oven Bakery, Fareway, and the Cupcake Emporium, as well as glossy, full-color cookbooks from Borders bookstore.  The Preservation Department also awarded a handmade blank journal to the Critics’ Choice winner.

The winners:

Alli Kroeger, "Lord of the Wings"

Ames High School sophomore Alli Kroeger’s “Lord of the Wings” won the Wittiest Entry category with a punny interpretation of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

Ed Astarita's "Alice In Wonderland"

ISU Dining Pastry Chef Ed Astarita won Best Book Structure with a cake decorated to look like the open pages of the book Alice In Wonderland.

Melissa Fallon, Emily Westhoff, and Allie Adams, "Water for Elephants"

A team of three ISU sophomores, Melissa Fallon, Emily Westhoff, and Allie Adams, took Best In Show with their diorama “Water for Elephants.”

Julie Hutson, "Green Eggs and Ham"

Our panel of guest judges selected “Green Eggs and Ham,” by baking entrepreneur Julie Hutson, for the Critics’ Choice Award.  Honorable mentions went to Elaine Newell for “Grapes of Raft,” to Emma, Dakota, and Heather Lewin for One Fish Two Fish,” and to Betty Baker, Jeanie Kirkpatrick, and Mary Swander for “Girls on the Roof.”  Thank you to  Paula Curran, John Kramer, and Diana Shonrock for judging this category.

Elaine Newell, "Grapes of Raft"

Emma, Dakota, and Heather Lewin, "One Fish Two Fish"

Betty Baker, Jeanie Kirkpatrick, and Mary Swander, "Girls on the Roof"

To see all of this year’s entries and other photos of the event, please visit our Flickr album: Edible Book Festival 2011.

We would like to thank all of our participants, whose wonderful creativity made this show such fun.  We would also like to thank our sponsors for their generosity in donating prizes and snacks.  Finally, thanks to all of you who attended and made the first Edible Book Festival at ISU Library such a successful event!