While most things that people leave in books  — Post-It notes, anyone? — may cause damage which varies from nuisance to costly repair, I will confess to enjoying the occasional pressed flower (even though the acids in plants can stain the pages between which they have been pressed).  Here are some of the things that we have found in Iowa State University Library books, both in the General and Special Collections.  I’m glad not to have a photo of the white supremacist propaganda flier (professionally printed on glossy paper and illustrated with the iconic swastika) that a patron left in a volume of Cicero in the General Collection.

An autumn leaf found in the General Collections volume, /Some Greek Poems of Love & Beauty/.

Leaves found in a Special Collections volume

Pressed flowers found in a Special Collections volume

Avery printer labels used as bookmarks in a General Collections volume

Ephemera found in a Special Collections recipe book

Mr. Robert Ryan's homework exercises for Physical Geography, ca. 1950, found in a Special Collections recipe book

A postcard found in a volume of Mao Tse Tung's Political Theory in the General Collection

Half of a school ID found in a book in the General Collection

What items have you found tucked between the pages of a book?