Mindy McCoy has been prepping copies of Kitchen Klatter Magazine for digitization. The magazine was first published in 1926 as a complement to Leanna Driftmier’s long-running radio show with the same name. (You thought the magazine spin-off was a recent phenomenon, didn’t you?)

Each issue included a quiz. We thought you might find the one from May 1941 interesting. The instructions are to use a penny to find the answers. I’ve included the answer to the first question to give you a starting point as well as a photo of some pennies.

1. A fruit – either apple or pear. (ANSWER: Adam’s “apple” or the “pair” of lips on Lincoln’s face.)
2. Flowers.
3. An animal.
4. A grain.
5. Two Bible characters.
6. Marriages.
7. Parts of every question.
8. Vote deciding factors.
9. A good motto.
10. Type of photograph.
11. Part of a river.
12. Patrick Henry used it in a famous statement.
13. Foreign language.
14. Place of worship.
15. Added to “up” makes good advice.
16. Possessed by one overly bold.
17. Symbol of eternity.
18. Part of a ship.
19. A metal.
20. The way corn grows.
21. A symbol of honesty.
22. A make of auto.

Good luck. I’ll post the answers in the comments at the end of the week.