May Quiz of the Month

Mindy McCoy has been prepping copies of Kitchen Klatter Magazine for digitization. The magazine was first published in 1926 as a complement to Leanna Driftmier’s long-running radio show with the same name. (You thought the magazine spin-off was a recent phenomenon, didn’t you?)

Each issue included a quiz. We thought you might find the one from May 1941 interesting. The instructions are to use a penny to find the answers. I’ve included the answer to the first question to give you a starting point as well as a photo of some pennies.

1. A fruit – either apple or pear. (ANSWER: Adam’s “apple” or the “pair” of lips on Lincoln’s face.)
2. Flowers.
3. An animal.
4. A grain.
5. Two Bible characters.
6. Marriages.
7. Parts of every question.
8. Vote deciding factors.
9. A good motto.
10. Type of photograph.
11. Part of a river.
12. Patrick Henry used it in a famous statement.
13. Foreign language.
14. Place of worship.
15. Added to “up” makes good advice.
16. Possessed by one overly bold.
17. Symbol of eternity.
18. Part of a ship.
19. A metal.
20. The way corn grows.
21. A symbol of honesty.
22. A make of auto.

Good luck. I’ll post the answers in the comments at the end of the week.

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  1. Sorry not to have posted these sooner. The copies of Kitchen Klatter were whisked away from the lab by the very efficient staff at Digital Initiatives.

    Here are both the questions and answers.

    1. A fruit – Either apple or pear. (The apple from Adam’s apple or pear from the pair of lips on Lincoln’s face.)

    2. Flowers – Tulips. (Gotten from the two lips of Lincoln.)

    3. An animal. Hare (I’m assuming that is from hair because I don’t see a rabbit on these coins.)

    4. A grain – Wheat. (Which is why we had to include the wheat penny. Many thanks to James who had one in his drawer.)

    5. Two Bible Characters – Abraham and God.

    6. Marriages – Either United or Tie.

    7. Parts of every question – Two sides (the two sides of a penny).

    8. Vote deciding factors – Ayes and nos. (Eyes and nose.)

    9. A good motto – In God We Trust.

    10. Type of photograph – Profile.

    11. Part of a river – Mouth.

    12. Patrick Henry used it in a famous statement – Liberty.

    13. Foreign language – Latin.

    14. Place of Worship – Temple.

    15. Added to “up” makes good advice for one discouraged – Chin.

    16. Possessed by one overly bold – Cheek.

    17. Symbol of eternity – Circle.

    18. Part of a ship – Bow. (I’m assuming from the bow tie.)

    19. A metal – Copper.

    20. The way corn grows – Ears.

    21. A symbol of honesty – Trust.

    22. A make of auto – Lincoln.

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