Conservators hate tape.  Most types of pressure-sensitive tape (the kind that self-sticks, like scotch tape, masking tape, duck tape, etc…) leave either a stain, a sticky residue, or both when removed.  Tape removal is slow work that often involves solvents, and when you are finally done you’re still faced with the original tear that needs to be repaired.  One enterprising conservator hates tape so much she started an online store called Tape is Evil.

The blueprints I have been treating were working documents, which has meant lots of tape.  I was preparing to wash this plan this morning when I saw the tape at the top.

A closer look revealed something interesting.

There was no tape.  There must have been tape on the original when they made the blueprint.

Everyone in the lab thought it was pretty cool, but then again we’re conservators.  What do you think?