“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

–Julia Child

Here in the Conservation Lab, we often contribute to special Library events such as retirements in small ways, such as gift-wrapping.  Occasionally, when we know the retiree well, we may contribute something a little more personal.  Diana Shonrock has been a much-beloved member of the Library family for over 40 years.  As a Subject Librarian in Science and Technology, whose collecting area included historic and Iowa cookbooks, Diana’s work has been especially appreciated by the food-loving staff in the Conservation Lab.  We also appreciate her generous, fun-loving spirit and infectious passion for her subject!

Guestbook designed and bound by Mindy McCoy (click photo to enlarge)

Preservation Assistant Mindy McCoy bound a thoughtfully-designed guestbook for Diana’s retirement party that captured the spirit of Diana’s passion for food and cooking.  The cover  title, “Sweet and Savory Memories,” pops against a marbled border.  The binding is a long stitch with decorative weaving.  Inside the textblock, Mindy accented the pages with scans of blank recipe cards.

Bookplate notepads adhesive-bound by students Ben Boecker and Hope Mitchell

Under the tutelage of Conservation Technician Mindy Moeller,  the students used the double-fan adhesive press to turn leftover bookplates from two Iowa cookbook collections into decorative notepads for Diana.

We are happy to congratulate Diana Shonrock on a well-earned retirement, but are sad to see her go. We hope these hand-made mementos of ISU Library will remind her how much she will be missed.