I’ve been helping the Ames Historical Society create a five-year preservation plan.  As part of the project I did a collection survey and discovered something I thought would make a nice quiz of the month.  I hope you agree and that we can have a bit of fun with this one.

The society has a collection of artifacts from the Whatchamacallits and Thingamajigs Collection of Don Faass.  The problem is that they don’t know the name or purpose of many of the items in the collection.  I took photos of a few items and was wondering if anyone (or perhaps anyone’s parents or grandparents) knew not only the name of any of the items but also the purpose.  Please post your answers or guesses (especially the wild ones)  in the comments.

Whatchamacallit #1

Whatchamacallit #2

Thingamajig #1

Thingamajig #2 - Bottom and Top