Cleaning out a storage cabinet in the lab, I recently came across these two bottles of adhesive.  The bottle on the left, GF #5 Glue,  is labeled “Food Packaging Glue/Adhesive,” while the bottle on the right, P200 Ready To Use Label Glue, was the type of glue used in a glue machine that our department discarded earlier this year.  Both bottles of adhesive are marked with a sticker with the handwritten inscription “pre-2008,” a note from the previous Conservator indicating that these bottles predated her arrival in the lab.  From the look of them, these bottles arrived in the lab LONG before 2008.  The food packaging adhesive bottle is collapsing in on itself, possibly a result of the plastic being weakened over time by whatever solvent is contained in the glue.   I called Environmental Health & Safety to schedule an Unwanted Materials Pick-up.

It’s pretty common for conservation labs to have a bottle or two of some ancient material tucked away in a dark corner.  Have any of you found an interesting relic from years past in your labs?