We’ve heard it all before.  Remember when a Japanese company that shall remain nameless was claiming their new CDs would last 100 years, and then they quickly retracted that statement and they said 50 years and then on down to 5 years?  Well, we’re all a little wiser now and probably a lot more skeptical–maybe too skeptical.  We know it’s not just about the longevity of the physical media, but also the obsolescence of the physical format, the file format, the accuracy of recording, corruptibility of the data, and the maintenance of the electronic files.  I thought I’d share this with you all to find out your reactions.  http://millenniata.com/technology/

I’m still wondering what happens below room temperature or with wild fluctuations in temp and rh.  How accurate is the recording process?  Little to no data corruption over time?  Is this too good to be true?