Special Collections asked us to make a box for this crystal vase.

I had a basic idea for a box but couldn’t quite picture how all the parts would come together.  Melissa suggested I make a mock-up to see if it would actually work before I committed to the real thing.  This was the result.

While not exactly a thing of beauty, it was certainly informative.  First, it showed that my original idea basically worked.  Second, I realized that I didn’t want to wrap a board along the back because it isn’t necessary for the structure of the box, and it takes up too much room when the box is open.

The third thing it taught me was that our snap tool has a limited depth — note my first hole below the snap.  It was much, much nicer to learn this on scrap board than on the final product.

The actual box looks a bit more professional.

My decision to hinge the opening flap to the top of the back board seems to have worked out quite nicely.

Finally, I designed the box so that all the wording on the vase can be read when the lid is lifted.  This should further protect the vase by decreasing the need for future researchers to remove it from the box.