In honor of Halloween, I present you with Frankenplan.

The things that look like Frankenstein stitches are called bridge repairs.  I used them to temporarily piece together this rather large plan.

The repairs are made with small pieces of Japanese tissue adhered with wheat starch paste.  They are on the front because I needed to get all the repairs properly aligned before I put a lining on the back of the plan.

Lining something this long is either going to be slightly thrilling or something right out of a horror novel.  Once I made the bridge repairs, I turned the plan face down, which meant that I could no longer easily see how well the repairs were aligned.  Then I carefully, very carefully, applied a thin paste to a piece of Japanese tissue which was laid out on a piece of Melinex/Mylar.

With the help of both Mindy Moe and Melissa, I gently positioned the pasted tissue on to the back of plan and smoothed it out with a brush.  There are no photos of me slowly peeling back the Melinex/Mylar.  It is a pretty nerve-wracking process, and Melissa kindly didn’t want to distract me.

The final product, with some rather large fills, looks like this. Can I admit that I’m still a little thrilled with how well it went?

And here are some of the bridge repairs which I removed after wetting them with a bit of water.

Here’s wishing you a Halloween with just a little thrill in it.


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