‘Tis the Season…

Air-drying damp books after a roof leak.

Yes, we’re definitely well into Fall, a.k.a. “leaky roof season.”  We transported several crates of damp books from the Library Storage Building to the Conservation Lab yesterday morning.  Steady air circulation from oscillating fans has been helping the books air-dry more quickly.

Have you reviewed your disaster plan lately?  Restocked your disaster-response packs?  If you do not have a personal or work-related plan, do you know whom to call for assistance in case your books, documents, or important records are caught in a disaster?

You can reach us in the ISU Library Preservation Department by email or phone with reference questions about disaster preparedness or other preservation concerns.  Feel free to post casual preservation questions on our Facebook Wall, or join in on an ongoing discussion there.  You can also post questions in the Comments section of any of our blog posts.

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