Up Close & Personal

These are close-up images of some common conservation supplies and equipment from the ISU Library Preservation Lab.  If you work or have worked in a book and paper conservation lab, do you recognize what they are?  Even if you haven’t worked with these items, can you guess what they might be?  Answers follow the images.


1. Blade/back-guard of an electric guillotine.

2. Medium-grind vinyl eraser crumbs.

3. Gauge and tubes atop the paper deacidification spray unit.

4. Clamp of the job backer (used to hold books with spine upright for binding).

5. Hammer and anvil of the Minter ultrasonic encapsulator, used to “weld” sheets of protective polyester film together.

6. Bamboo and horsehair strainer for straining cooked wheat starch paste.

7. The foot pedal of the board crimper, which allows us to fold thick sheets of board.

8. The screw of an antique bookpress.

9. The counterbalance on the board shear; it assists in raising the board shear’s large cutting blade.

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