An update on one of our leaks. On March 15, 2010, I wrote about a leak in our lower level storage (“the cage”) area.  Due to a sump pump failure on central campus, water gushed in through a telecommunications conduit.  We quickly duct taped hoses and funnels to the conduit openings and directed the water into 32 and 50 gallon trashcans. Even after the sump pump was fixed, we continued to have problems with some leaks and drips.  Since there is no floor drain near the conduit the most I thought I could hope for from our Facilities, Planning and Management was a water sensor hooked-up to Metasys which would alert the Department of Public Safety when a significant leak occurred, but they did something better.  They built a bathtub.  Actually, they installed a sump pump and built walls to contain it, and in the process took down the water damaged plywood.  The water is pumped up to the ceiling, across the room and into a maintenance room.  We’ve been able to remove the trashcans, hoses, funnels, and booms protecting the collections.  Best of all, it’s a permanent solution that does not need constant monitoring even with heavy rains and ground thawing.