We were pretty happy this year when we realized that our budget would allow us to purchase a pretty piece of equipment for our photo doc room. Seeing the ATIZ BookDrive Pro online is one thing – seeing it in person is a whole different story. This thing is a beast as far as size goes but a very smart beast in terms of what it is capable of doing. This beautiful piece of equipment is able to take high quality photos (using 2 angled cameras) of items (books, papers, newspapers, etc.) which we can then process for our digital collections.

Atiz’s rep Mary teaching us about the BookDrive Pro

Are you wondering why we didn’t save a few pennies and just use the couple of scanners we already have? First off, taking a high-resolution photo of the item is SO much faster than waiting for a scanner to scan a page at a high resolution. Also, with the BookDrive Pro we are able to capture an image of the book pages without having to flip the book over and press it open on the glass scanner bed to get a good image (which isn’t good for any book, and is especially bad for some fragile books).  You know how you can sometimes get that glare or bend in the page near the gutter of a book when scanning? Well, we don’t have to worry about that either! Our books will rest safe & secure in a cradle and a v-shaped piece of platen will gently sandwich the book to hold the pages open & flat.  The BookDrive Pro and cameras are  hooked up to a computer so that you can see the captured image of the pages as soon as you take the picture.  You can also view the pages in “live mode” if you so wish, which makes it easy to make small adjustments before taking the picture. The two cameras are mounted in place but are easy to maneuver if you need to do so.  The cradle is also on a sliding track, so adjustments are quite easy to make.

The BookDrive Pro is very new to us (as in, not even a week old) so we are all still learning its ins-and-outs, but we see this being a very useful tool in the near future.