We Just Can’t Get Over Printed Books

That probably comes as no surprise, since we do work in a library.

We also, obviously, enjoy the digital ease of the blog as a written medium.  We collaborate on this blog, after all, and have been steadily keeping at it for two and a half years.  Blogging has allowed us to communicate our preservation mission, to create, to share, and to engage in a dynamic manner that the printed book just doesn’t allow.

However, as much as we appreciate the unique features of the blogging platform, we just can’t get over the printed book.  A book that exists in the digital ether can be hard to visualize as a discrete object, as a substantial work of creation.  There is a figurative as well as a literal gravity to a printed book that can be held, weighed in the hand, flipped through, and set back on the shelf.

So, to celebrate our blog’s first two years of successes, we took advantage of the relatively new Blog2Print service, which converts digital blogs (WordPress, Blogger, and Typepad are currently supported) into print format.  The service produces adhesive bindings with your choice of a soft or hard cover.  We chose soft, as we are well equipped to add a hard case of our own devising.  Our ISU Library Preservation Blog 2010-2011 produced a satisfyingly hefty 314-page volume.

The fact that the Blog2Print service exists at all tells me that we’re not the only ones who are still in love with printed books.  What about you?


  1. Cool. There is a local binder here in Durham that will do that for you, too, but I suspect this is less expensive (but less quality likely, as he will do a leather-bound, tooled cover for you).

    How do you find the quality of the printing? I’ve been impressed with my own self-published books I get through iPhoto. The quality of the materials and adhesives seem to be improving.

    I think I want one.

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