With more than a million photographs in our Special Collections, how does one decide where to begin digitizing them?  We have a limited staff and budget and there are a variety of other projects to digitize, so we can’t spend all of our time trying to complete such a large collection.  It is often the occasion of a special event that causes us to choose certain photographs to digitize.  Instead of putting up random images online, we can showcase events as they happen here at Iowa State University.  For example, our annual VEISHEA celebration is a good time to add more VEISHEA images to our collection.

A float in the 1949 VEISHEA Parade.

We currently have hundreds of images already in our University Photographs collection online in our CYbrary: ISU Digital Archives.

Soon we will be adding hundreds of new images to our collection to help celebrate more campus events such as the 100th anniversary of Homecoming at Iowa State, the 100th anniversary of our Chemical Engineering department, the 125th anniversary of the Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station, and an upcoming book about the history of the library at Iowa State.

The 1955 Homecoming football game

Please take a minute to look at the variety of collections we have online in our Digital Collections.