You may have noticed a few new names popping up as post authors over the past few months here at PLP.  There’s a good reason for that.  Now that our preservation blog has been going strong for over two years, we decided to redouble our efforts to make the blog a true collaboration among all the units of the Preservation Department.  Conservation as a field lends itself easily to casual photography, the more so since formal photodocumentation is a significant part of the treatment process.  However, the Conservation Lab is only one of three units under the Preservation umbrella at Iowa State University Library.  We’re thrilled that our co-workers in Preservation Services (Reformatting, Mass Deacidification, Binding, Marking, and Collating) and Digital Initiatives have agreed to contribute on a more regular schedule.  The work they perform is important to our preservation mission, and we’re proud to demystify and showcase their work here.

I have added a few new categories to our taxonomy: “Preservation Services,” “Commercial Binding,” and “Reformatting.”  I’ll be adding additional categories as we cover new topics in the future.  In case you’ve missed some of our new contributors’ recent posts, here’s a chance to catch up:

Digital Initiatives

Bill Yungclas, Digitizing Special Collections Photographs

Lori Bousson, Digital Collection Web Layout: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Preservation Services

Cindy Wahl and Suzette Schmidt, Serials Binding at Iowa State University Library

Cindy Wahl, Reformatting of Iowa County Histories