CoLibri Book Covering System

As you may already know, we frequently get quirky little books that make us scratch our heads on how we are going to adequately protect them while they are on the shelves. I am happy to say that many times we are able to use our CoLibri book covering system for these odd little fellas.  This system also works well for books that have a cut-out in the cover, protecting it from any damage that may happen on the shelf or in the hands of patrons. CoLibri covers are also used for newly published books making their way to Special Collections and Archives. Covering these books allows us to adhere a call number label & barcode to the cover without applying adhesive directly to the item. You may remember seeing a brief mention of this type of enclosure here. In addition to the covers, what we like to call “CoLibri pockets” are often used for thin pamphlets that are going to Special Collections and Archives.

a book truck works perfect as our CoLibri “cart”

The transparent covers come in a wide range of sizes, which is fabulous since the size of books can vary drastically! The cover is also not adhered permanently to the book; it is simply a cover and can be removed/replaced at any time. We can trim the covers down to size with the CoLibri machine, which also welds the cover pieces together. The covers are 100% polyethylene, which makes them water resistant (and resistant to other beverages as well) and protects against harmful light rays as well.

a CoLibri cover prior to cutting/welding

At the time of this post, we didn’t have anything too unusual passing through the lab, but we did have one book that had an elastic band that normally would wrap around the cover. Unfortunately an “accessory” like this probably wouldn’t last very long if exposed on the shelf, so our solution is to use a CoLibri cover on the book. We can keep the elastic band wrapped around the back cover and CoLibri over it, therefore protecting the band.

me CoLibri-ing (it’s used as a verb around here)

This is a nice little system to have: it’s super easy to use and a great way to handle those strange books that you really don’t know what to do with.

the covered book
a duplicate barcode was places on the CoLibri cover

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