Lab Invasion

Ahhhh!!! We are being invaded – invaded by little paperback sci-fi books. Lots of them!

You may remember a post awhile back about these little guys when they previously invaded the lab.  Well, they are back!

Since these books end up in Special Collections, these items get a little added care and protection. With this collection of books we have decided to CoLibri them, which we do with many of the books that end up being housed in Special Collections and Archives – added protection for the covers.

book with CoLibri cover
book with CoLibri cover

Typically when we CoLibri paperbacks, whether it be for the General Collection or Special Collections, we add 40-point boards inside the front and back covers for stability.  However, with these little dudes we are contemplating whether these boards are necessary. Because of their size, they aren’t floppy like some larger books, but we can also see how the boards may keep them a little more stable when being shelved. Our other concern was whether the 40-point board might be too thick for these small books.  If we retain the support boards, would 20-point board be a better choice?

book with 40pt. board
book with 40pt. board


The jury is still out on what we will do with these multiplying creatures, so we welcome any suggestions you may have!

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