Written by Suzette Schmidt, Preservation Services

At Iowa State University Library, the process of transferring serial titles from the General Collection (Stacks) to the Periodical Room follows a certain protocol which requires interdepartmental collaboration.


First, an upper-level Library employee in the Collections & Technical Services Division authorizes the transfer of the individual serial title from the General Collection into the Periodical Room.   Transfers are made for two reasons: 1) to make these issues more easily accessible to patrons; 2) to free up needed shelf space in Stacks.

This authorization then goes to another Library employee in Serials Acquisitions who updates the physical call number label and the serial’s check-in records online.


The next step is performed by an employee in Serials Cataloging who retrieves the journals from the General Collection, completes a Serials Change Form, and then changes the location from “Gen” to “Per” online before giving the issues and a photocopy of the form to the Library Assistant in Preservation Services.


The Library Assistant in Preservation Services will search each title online to determine if it is also held electronically or on microfilm.  Then, a new shelf label (with the call number and title) for the serial will be created for the Periodical Room.


When the shelf label is completed, someone from Preservation Services will then install the label and new serial in the Periodical Room in call number order.  There may be a need to shift the journals already located in the Periodical Room to allow room for the incoming ones, so that step is done whenever dictated by space limitations.   If a significant amount of shifting is required, then Preservation Services will call on Stacks Management to assist them in that endeavor.