Congratulations Melissa!

We dedicate most of our blog space to interesting things we have encountered and problems that we have creatively addressed, but we never highlight and acknowledge the individuals who have accomplished something significant.  Yes, there have been the farewells, but how about some recognition for those who are still here?  I have the perfect opportunity to do just this.


I am delighted to announce that our conservator, Melissa, has attained Professional Associate Status in the American Institute for Conservation (AIC). This means AIC has assessed her portfolio and determined that she meets all of the qualifications for Professional Associate (PA) Status.  AIC considers PAs to be those professionally involved in conservation who through training, knowledge, and experience, have shown a commitment to the purposes for which the AIC was established. This is a huge accomplishment.  Her peers have recognized her general conservation knowledge, ability to assess damage, determine appropriate plans for treatment and documentation, excellent execution of treatments, and understanding and adherence to the AIC Code of Ethics.

Melissa has certainly proven that she is a thoughtful and talented conservator at the bench, but she has proven to me to be much more valuable than just that.  Her contributions to the profession through service and sharing information (just read our blog!) are far-reaching.  She is active in AIC serving on committees and leading discussion groups, teaching conservation and disaster workshops, and educating the public.

She is certainly well deserving of PA status.  Congratulations Melissa!


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