My work with the scrapbooks at Special Collections started with a condition survey of the collection. The goal of the condition survey was to evaluate a representative sample of scrapbooks to get a general idea of the condition of the overall collection. I started the process by creating an inventory of all the scrapbooks. First I searched the available databases for scrapbooks. Then I looked through the boxes of collections that have not been indexed. I ended up with an inventory of over a thousand scrapbooks from which I randomly chose over one hundred to include in the survey.

I saw a lot of different kinds of scrapbooks during this process and felt like I had a pretty good idea of all the different types of scrapbooks in the collection. I was happily surprised the other day when I opened a box of theater scrapbooks and discovered a couple of examples of the Campus Pic and Clips scrapbook.


The covers have photos from the Iowa State campus on them.


According to the inner insert, the price of the scrapbook included a custom-printed spine label which you could send for.


Sadly it does not look like the theater students ever placed the order.



An internet search for the Hob-B-Bookcraft Campus Pics and Clips turns up very little information and no photos. I guess that this was not their most successful product line. I’m going to assume that the college bookstore or a local stationer stocked these back in the sixties and an enterprising theater student bought a couple.

Has anyone seen one of these scrapbooks specific to their university or college? Can you share a photo?