As you all may know by now, we get quite a variety of books that come through our lab needing repair. Well, some need more than just repair; some come to us very dirty-looking, so we do what we can to try and clean up the covers as best as we can in addition to doing repair work. IMG_0312

We notice all types of dirty books, but see them frequently among art books and novels.



Now, cleaning isn’t always possible depending on the type of cover material used on the book. Most that are bound by our commercial binder are somewhat easy to clean off by just using a damp paper towel and a little elbow grease, but then there are others that have more of a fabric type of cover that we obviously can’t clean as well, if at all. We see quite a bit of rings from beverages, paint, and the like, and even tire tracks from bikes! Sure, we sometimes grumble about them, but as long as these library doors are open there isn’t a way to prevent our books from getting dirty, and at least that means they’re getting used!