Wanted: Conservator

Happy National Preservation Week!

wanted poster

To kick things off, an little reminder that Iowa State University Library is searching for a permanent, full-time professional library and archives conservator who specializes in book and paper conservation.  We are looking for a conservator with training and experience in conservation of rare books. archival materials, and general collections.  A Master’s Degree in Conservation, Library Science or related field is required.  The opportunity for promotion exists for this position based on performance and external reputation developed through service to the profession such as committee work, and/or scholarship in the field.

The Conservator manages a hybrid conservation lab, supervises staff and students, trains the annual Lennox Foundation graduate intern, works with Special Collections staff to identify and prioritize treatment, performs conservation treatment on rare books and archival collections, stabilizes and prepares materials for exhibit and digitization, leads the library disaster response team, and participates in the Iowa-wide disaster response team (IMALERT).  Oversees the spending of dedicated supply/equipment and out-sourced conservation budgets.  Our well equipped lab is located on the fourth floor (not the basement) along with Special Collections and University Archives, and is over 3,400 square feet including office and storage space.


It is an exciting time in the library as we prepare to welcome our new Dean of the Library, Beth McNeil, who seems to get that sparkle in her eyes when we talk about our rare and unique materials.  A new strategic plan has been drafted that not only focuses on service to our users but also gives attention to our staff and a healthy workplace.  There has been an influx of new and energetic staff as hiring has increased not only in the library, but across campus.  Construction is happening on campus and throughout Ames as the university attracts more students, faculty, staff, and businesses.  And of course, it’s spring on one of the most beautiful campuses in the country.  (The campus was awarded the American Society of Landscape Architecture medallion award given to outstanding landscape sites).

ISU spring


Although this is not a faculty position, there is a lot of useful information about ISU and Ames provided by the Provost’s Office here: https://www-provost.sws.iastate.edu/isu-advance/faculty-searches/fac-cand and Professional & Scientific employee benefits from Human Resources: http://www.hrs.iastate.edu/hrs/node/579/attachment.

Click to see posting and to apply by May 10, 2015: https://www.iastatejobs.com/postings/11275

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the position:  Hilary

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