It’s Never Too Late

I’ve heard this phrase over and over during my lifetime and I have even tested it by getting braces at the age of 41.  Yes 41 and I don’t regret it at all.  Now for many years I have thought to myself almost weekly, “I should go back to school.”  I even convinced my daughter to stay in school and work towards her masters in Business.  Well this year in May I talked with my supervisor, Hilary Seo, and told her of my intentions.  I have not been in school for 33 years and I have classmates that are now starting to retire from their careers and yet I’m planning on returning to school.  I look at this as my new adventure towards retirement.  I will be taking classes towards a Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree from Iowa State University in the hopes of keeping my mind fresh and learning new things, experiencing new things in the Preservation Lab, hopefully a pay raise and job reclassification, and sticking away more money for retirement.  Women in my family tend to live a very long life.  My mother recently passed away in June at 91 and she was a very sharp lady reading newspapers, crossword puzzles, watching interesting TV shows, Bingo, daily Scrabble games to keep her sharp, and learning how to use a tablet at 91.  She was remembered for her great memory and didn’t forget a face.  I want that quality of life in my golden years.

Never Too Late

I’ve been employed in the Preservation Lab since October 1997 and have loved my job from the start learning many new things in the world of book repair and box making.  Now as I repair books I wonder if I will be using some of these books for my classes.  I work on a wide variety of books and find many subjects interesting and glad my classes will be a wide variety of subjects too.  My future plans are to stay with the Preservation Department and my “work family” for as long as I can working in a job I enjoy.

Future Cyclone and Anthropology 309 here I come!

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