In order to ensure that serial issues are bound or discarded in a timely, seamless manner we have developed a six-week color-coded streamer system. This system has helped us to streamline both the pulling of journal issues for binding and the tracking of items either missing or have never been received by the Library.


There are six different colored streamers with each color representing a different week in the rotating six week cycle. As items are pulled from the shelves in the Periodical Room or the General Collection each title gets a streamer that coincides with that week’s color. The streamers allow the staff to clearly see how long an item has been in process between pulling & binding and serves as a reminder to keep these items moving. We have also found that the system helps if other staff members have to step in and help due to absences – it is easier to see what items are a higher priority.  So far this system seems to be working well and all who use it are pleased.streamers in place IMG_0864