To Recycle, or Not to Recycle

Last fall we were made aware of the University’s new “mixed stream” recycling program. This new system allows for all sorts of recyclable material to go into the blue bins – newspapers, pop cans, white paper – all together in the same bin! No having to search around for the proper bin for each item.

recycle bin


This got us in the Lab thinking – what about our scraps that we throw out? Can we recycle what we use? We gathered up items we use frequently in the lab that we thought might possibly be recycled and had the person in charge of the recycling team come and talk to us about these items. We were pleased to hear that much of what we use can be recycled! One of the funny things discussed was Reemay – not really recyclable we are told. Even though we know what it is and what it is made from the people at the sorting facility would most likely think that it is a dryer sheet which is not recyclable. Ha!



Here are just a few of the items that we most frequently recycle.

Colibri covers, boards, book cloth
Colibri covers, boards, book cloth

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