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Welcome to our new feature, the Quiz of the Month.  I’ve enjoyed the occasional quiz we’ve had in the past, and suggested that we introduce a quiz on the first Monday of each month.

Today’s quiz comes via an interesting item from Special Collections.  Book artist Louise Levergneux has created a series that she calls City Shields.  She has taken photos of manhole covers throughout her travels and printed them on die-cut circles.  Special Collections has purchased the Iowa edition.

In the colophon, Ms. Levergneux details the type of printer she used, as well as the kind of paper (which we won’t tell you, because that would give away the answer to the quiz).  It is nice to see a contemporary artist leave hints for a future conservator.  Paper conservators increasingly need to know about the different types of digital printing processes and their inks.  Wilhelm Imaging Research’s website provides an excellent starting point for this research.

We took the photos below using a ProScope 200x digital microscope.  Our question to you is: can you identify what type of printing process was used in creating the City Shields?  [Note: all of these images represent the same printing process.]  Please post your best guess in the Comments section.  We would also like to know what other references our colleagues are using to identify how prints are created.

February 5th marks the first-year anniversary of the Parks Library Preservation Blog.  The blog has proved to be a wonderful way for us to connect with the wider conservation/preservation community, and we’d like to thank all of you for reading our posts and joining our virtual conversation.  We hope our musings have been both informative and entertaining for you, and we continue to welcome your responses and insights.

We are all stats junkies here in the Conservation Lab, so in celebration of our first year, here are some highlights:

  • We average 8 posts per month, with new posts on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Our readership continues to increase modestly but steadily.  Our first month, we had 400 hits, and now we regularly see 1,300-1,400 hits per month.
  • We’ve enjoyed close to 200 comments from readers this year — please keep sharing your thoughts and ideas with us!
  • Our visitors hail from all corners of the globe.  Here is the latest map of our blog visitors’ geographical locations:

In addition to our regular posts on a range of preservation-related topics, we will kick off our new “Quiz of the Month” feature next Monday.  With spring around the corner (no, really), we encourage you to take a moment to review our annual Spring Thaw Tips.  Our Events 2011 page will be updated throughout the year with preservation, conservation, and sustainability related events.  Finally, we will continue to add to our Supplies & Equipment Resource List, and welcome your help compiling this list of vendors.