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We will be accepting applications for the 2013 Lennox Foundation Internship for Preservation Education, Training, and Outreach at Iowa State University Library through Thursday, January 17, 2013.  Please visit our updated internship information page for details:

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Here in the Conservation Lab, I am currently treating the original of the photo shown above, a silver gelatin print of a football game at ISU on August 21, 1930.  Thanks to my oh-so-discreet arrows and captioning, you’ll notice two young men in the crowd wearing beanies.  These beanies, with alternating triangles in cardinal and  gold, are ISU freshman beanies (also called “prep caps”).  The beanies were worn by ISU freshman (emphasis on the men only) from 1916 until 1934.

The Library Special Collections and Archives holds a rare example of such a beanie from 1918.  Since campus tradition dictated burning the freshman beanies in a bonfire at an end-of-the-schoolyear “moving up” ceremony, surviving examples are few and far between.  This past spring, our undergraduate intern Alex Menard designed a special box for the beanie which would allow this artifact to be viewed by Library visitors — and even removed from its box for exhibit — without the beanie itself being handled.

First Mock-up.

Second Mock-up.

First, Alex built a few miniature mock-ups to test her design.  The first design was simple and elegant, but was not as structurally sturdy as she wanted it to be.  The second design added some reinforcements that worked beautifully, but also added a complicated drop-down front that Alex ultimately decided was unnecessary.

Museum-quality hat stand for the beanie.

Next, Alex ordered a museum-quality hat stand to support the beanie, and measured off the stand to get the exact measurements to use for the final box.  The sturdy final box functions easily, and allows a dramatic presentation of one of our treasured artifacts of ISU history.  Great work, Alex!

From Beth Doyle, Head of Conservation Services Department, Duke University Libraries (cross-posted to allied lists):

Nominations are now being sought for the Jan Merrill-Oldham Professional Development Grant. The grant awards the recipient with cash to offset some of the costs of attending the ALA Annual Conference. Some of the details are listed below; please click here for complete grant information.

New ALCTS Award honors Jan Merrill-Oldham (Application Deadline: DECEMBER 1, 2011)

The Jan Merrill-Oldham Professional Development Grant is awarded by the ALCTS Preservation and Reformatting Section to provide librarians and para-professionals new to the preservation field with the opportunity to attend a professional conference and encourages professional development through active participation at the national level.


The Jan Merrill-Oldham Professional Development Grant will provide the recipient the opportunity to attend the American Library Association Annual Conference in order to contribute to his/her professional development.  The recipient will attend meetings, programs, and be required to submit a short essay on their conference experience. The grant consists of a $1,250 cash grant donated by the Library Binding Institute and a citation to be presented at the ALCTS Awards ceremony.  The grant is applicable toward airfare, lodging, and registration fees related to ALA Annual Conference attendance.

Criteria for selection will be determined based on the following:

•       Have five or fewer years of experience in the field of library and archives preservation.

•       Currently work as a librarian or para-professional within a library or archives preservation department or who has preservation responsibilities within their institution.

•       Have never attended an ALA Annual Conference

•       Recommendations from colleagues

•       Express desire as stated in a short essay (up to 500 words) on the following theme: How would receiving the Jan Merrill-Oldham Professional Development Grant further your professional development goals?

•       Willingness to participate in designated conference events:

•       Work with a member of the jury to identify relevant programs and interest group sessions to attend

•       Attend the Preservation Administration Interest Group Meeting

•       Attend a least one PARS discussion group meeting

•       Submit a summary of the recipient’s conference experience to the ALCTS Newsletter Online no later than 30 days after the conference


To submit an application or nomination please include the following:

•       Name, address, phone number, and email address of the nominee and nominating party or applicant

•       Letter of application or nomination

•       Two letters of recommendation from professional colleagues who know the candidate and his/her work

•       A resume or curriculum vitae

•       A short essay (up to 500 words) on the following theme: How would receiving the Jan Merrill-Oldham Professional Development Grant further your professional development goals?

Nominations and application must be completed by December 1, 2011 and sent to Beth Doyle, Jan Merrill-Oldham Jury Chair,

Members of the sponsor or its affiliated organizations are not eligible.

Reposted from the UCLA Library Preservation Blog:

The UCLA Library Preservation Department is offering two internships for the summer of 2011.

Application deadline is April 29, 2011.

The visiting internship program offers capstone experiences to individuals enrolled in graduate preservation or conservation education and provides pre-program experiences to qualified students who are applying for Masters-level training in conservation.

Preservation Administration

The intern will work with the preservation officer to complete a project in one of the following areas: audit and assessment of the condition of a library collection, development of disaster response and business continuity plans, or review and quality control of a preservation process. The intern will work with staff and collections to collect data that guides preservation decisions and assists with project management. Typical projects include collection surveys, environmental monitoring, business continuity planning and review of materials for preservation contract services.

Conservation Treatment

This internship will provide experience to pre-program students for individuals planning to attend graduate level conservation programs. The internship will focus on conservation decision making, treatment and documentation for library and archival collections. The conservation intern will work under the supervision of the collections conservator to perform repair or make enclosures for materials selected from the collections. Relevant literature will be reviewed prior to conservation treatment and all projects will be documented.

About the UCLA Library Preservation Department

The UCLA Library Preservation Department supports the Library’s mission to develop, organize, and preserve collections for optimal use. The Preservation Department provides stewardship for the intellectual record in the formats required by contemporary scholars and ensures the safekeeping of the artifacts that are entrusted to the UCLA Library. The Preservation Department includes the Library Conservation Center (LCC), a state-of-the-art conservation lab that provides conservation services collections in all units of the UCLA Library. The LCC is guided by the best current practices of the book and paper conservation field and the Code of Ethics of the American Institute for the Conservation of Artistic and Historic works.

For examples of preservation department activities, visit:

These internships are 75% FTE (30 hours/week) for an eight week period, with a flexible start date.

Interns will be hired as Limited Appointment employees, with a salary rate of $2,348/mo. (full-time rate) and will be eligible for UCLA Core level benefits.

Please submit a letter of interest, a current resume, and contact information for three professional references to:

Jacob Nadal

Preservation Officer

UCLA Library Preservation Department

Box 957230

11020 Kinross Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90095-7230

Application deadline is April 29, 2011

The UCLA Library is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/ADA-compliant employer. Under federal law, the University of California may employ only individuals who are legally authorized to work in the United States as established by providing documents specified in the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

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