Preservation Lab Office: 515 294-0776, 

Conservator & Blog Administrator: Sofia (Sonya)  Barron, 441 Parks Library, 515 294-9116,

For full departmental staff contact information, visit our Preservation Department page on the Iowa State University Library website.


4 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Scott Marron Says:

    My wife and I just received the property abstract for our 1920s house in Des Moines. The oldest pages are in bad shape. Any recommendations on how to make the paper (and the abstract as a whole ((which sounds like an oxymoron)) last longer? We get to keep it for as long as we own the house.

  2. king Says:

    if my book is in very bad shapes because of dog that bite my borrowing book when i not home so do you know what i should do

    1. cynthiakapteyn Says:

      Depending on the damage to the book and the amount of money you are willing to spend on getting it repaired, you could either consult a conservator in your area or purchase another copy of the book.

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