Contributing Staff Members

Sonya Barron, Collections Conservator

Rosie Rowe – Audiovisual Preservation Specialist

Cynthia Kapteyn, Assistant Conservator

Mindy Moeller, Senior Conservation Assistant

Mindy McCoy, Digital Reformatting Specialist, Preservation Assistant

Mindy McCoy, Preservation Services Coordinator

Jim Wilcox, Preservation and Binding/Marking Assistant

Jim Wilcox, Conservation Assistant

Former Contributors


Melissa Tedone, Conservator


Hilary Seo, Associate Dean, Curation Services Division



Lori Bousson, Digital Initiatives Web Designer


William Yungclas, Digital Initiatives

William Yungclas, Former Digital Initiatives Unit Leader



Cindy Wahl, Former Preservation Services Unit Leader


Martha Lincoln, Hertzberg Conservation Intern 2011 and Former Conservation Volunteer