This list of library, conservation, and art supplies/equipment providers is intended as an informational resource, and does not reflect the endorsement of the Iowa State University Library.

Archival Products
Conservation, preservation, and presentation products.

Bindery Tools, LLC
Board shears, book presses, and other binding equipment.
Teflon-coated bookbinding and conservation tools, such as teflon folders, spatulas, and tweezers.

Mechling Bookbindery and Bookbinder’s Workshop, Inc
Bookbinding and conservation supplies.

CMi Archival Boxes
Custom sized archival boxes.

Conservation Resources International, LLC
Preservation products for libraries, archives, and museums.

Plexi cutters and benders.

Dick Blick Art Supplies
Art supplies.

Gawain Weaver
Photograph sample sets, handheld 60x LED microscopes, ProScope 200x Digital Microscope, reference books on photograph conservation.

Gaylord Brothers
Library supplies, furniture, and archival supplies.

Graphic Chemical & Ink
Lithostones and printmaking supplies.

Hiromi Paper, Inc.
Decorative and conservation repair papers.

Decorative papers and bookbinding supplies.

Hollinger Metal Edge
Archival supplies.

Jeff Peachey Tools
Conservation and bookbinding hand tools.

Legacy Press
Books about the printing, paper, and bookbinding arts.

Oak Knoll Press
Books about bookbinding, book history, and book arts.

Pergamena: Handmade Leather & Parchment
Leather and parchment, handmade in the U.S.

Polistini Conservation Material, LLC
Conservation tools and supplies.

Schlenker Enterprises, Ltd
Cork-less, heavy, stainless steel imperial/metric rulers.

Conservation and bookbinding tools and supplies.

Japanese Woodworker
Wet stones, diamond stones and lapping film for sharpening hand tools.

University Products
Archival supplies.

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