Contributors to the blog include staff, students, and special guests. Posts include descriptions of technical processes, project updates, curious cases, and reflective musings. Early departmental responsibilities included administration of digital collections and the institutional repository. Maintenance activities now focus specifically on stacks (physical library collections), conservation, audio-visual preservation, and digital preservation.

Current Contributors

Past Contributors

Sonya Barron, Collections Conservator, Book and Paper

Lori Bousson, Digital Initiatives Web Designer

Cynthia Kapteyn, Assistant Conservator

Martha Lincoln, Hertzberg Conservation Intern 2011 and Former Conservation Volunteer

Mindy McCoy, Preservation Services Coordinator

Mindy Moeller, Senior Conservation Assistant

Hilary Seo, Dean, Iowa State University Library

Melissa Tedone, Conservator

Cindy Wahl, Former Preservation Services Unit Leader

Jim Wilcox, Conservation Assistant

William Yungclas, Former Digital Initiatives Unit Leader